Ellen’s Dietrich School Story

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“Explore as much as possible. Dabble in a lot of things. Narrow at some point, but always keep your feelers in broad places.”
“Pittsburgh and the Pitt community have that same kind of pride. You immediately feel welcome.”
“I think the communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills that I have learned will serve as a solid base on which I can stand upon after graduating from Pitt.”
“Studying a diverse range of subjects gives me a lot of skills that I can put toward my future career.”
“Everyone in the humanities should have the experience of doing their own research that interests them.”
I think the thing that has been the most impactful has been talking to my professors, working with my advisor, graduate students, and other upperclassman peers.
I knew I wanted to involve art and being a doctor, so the Dietrich School was a perfect choice.
“When I was applying for college, I didn’t even think that there existed a school that could cultivate all of my interests. Then I arrived at the Dietrich School.”
“Pitt alumni remind me that all of my hard work on the field and in class will definitely lead to great success.”
At the Dietrich School, I really realized my passion. But it’s not all books, and lectures, and theory.