Pre-Health Careers


When I visited Pitt’s campus as a high school student, my tour guide talked about Pitt students volunteering at Children’s Hospital, since it is only a short bus ride off campus. I started volunteering at Children’s in the fall of my very first year. I love working with kids and am passionate about service so my position in the Child Life Department—where I get to supervise the playroom, hold infants, spend time with patients, and help plan hospital-wide events—is a perfect fit.

-Haley Fitzgerald (sociology and French majors, chemistry minor)

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At the Dietrich School, you can prepare to apply for med school or another health professional program in any major. Sofia Sandoval sculpted a path to Harvard Medical School in studio arts. Maggie Stiffler composed her music major while completing the prerequisites for medical school, and decided that pursuing a graduate degree in Music Therapy was the best way to blend her interests. And Anthony Sciulli  experienced the integration of computer science and medicine first hand while conducting research at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

Each of these students had passion and talent for medicine and science, but they had other passions and talents too... and they found success where those passions and talents overlapped, defining a unique path and differentiating themselves from the crowd.  By doing what they loved and doing it well, these students created their own academic story and career path. And you can too.

One of the campus partners that the Dietrich School connects you to is the Interprofessional Center for Health Careers (PIC Health Careers). PIC Health Careers is one of the first of its kind, a center devoted to undergraduate health and pre-health interprofessional education, establishing a preeminent educational and advising infrastructure to support undergraduate students interested in health sciences fields. The center provides advising and resources for Pitt students interested in health careers. And of course, your Dietrich School academic advisor can help you chart your path as well.