Inside the Classroom

Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty members excel at translating their research and scholarly expertise into top-quality graduate programs and a superb, highly selective liberal arts undergraduate program that integrates traditional disciplines with interdisciplinary and international perspectives and takes advantage of the breadth of the University and its urban environment.  Watch the videos below for a sneak peek at what will make your Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences experience a world-class journey! 

Classroom Sneak Peek: Biological Sciences

Experience the Dietrich School's Department of Biological Sciences with Lecturer Erica McGreevy.


Classroom Sneak Peek: English

Discover what science fiction can teach us today with Geoffrey Glover, lecturer in the Department of English.


Classroom Sneak Peek: Statistics

Sit in on a statistics class with Senior Lecturer Nancy Pfenning with the students of the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.


Classroom Sneak Peek: Mathematics

Find out what it's like to study mathematics with Lecturer Jeffrey Wheeler.