Dietrich School Ambassadors 2020

Meet our summer 2020 Dietrich School Ambassadors! Ambassadors are current Dietrich School students and are enthusiastic to share their Dietrich School stories. We encourage you to e-mail any of the ambassadors with your questions. They’re happy to give you the inside scoop of what it’s like to be a Dietrich School student.

Haley Fitzgerald (Class of 2021)

Majors: French and sociology, pre-med track
Experiences: Research, Service Learning Abroad, Volunteering at UPMC

Destiny Harrison-Griffin (Class of 2021)

Majors: political science, international and area studies (B.Phil), Pre-law track
Minors: Spanish and Africana Studies 
Certificate: Latin American Studies
Experiences: Academic Foundations, Internships, Research, Volunteering

Julia Kreutzer (Class of 2022)

Majors: political science and communications
Minor: theatre arts
Experiences: Clubs, Internships, Research, Volunteering

Raywa Sathe (Class of 2021)

Majors: microbiology, sociology, pre-med track
Minors: chemistry, statistics, Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
Experiences: Academic communities, Clubs, First Experiences in Research (FE-R), Research

Sami Semiatin (Class of 2022)

Major: psychology
Minor: political science 
Certificate: American Sign Language 
Experiences: Clubs, Research, Volunteering


Sarah Thompson (Class of 2021)

Majors: neuroscience and Spanish, pre-med track
Minor: chemistry 
Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
Experiences: Clubs, Research, Volunteering at UPMC

Shlok Rawat (Class of 2021)

Major: neuroscience, pre-med Track
Minor: chemistry
Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
Experiences: Academic Foundations, Clubs, Teaching Assistant, UPMC, Volunteering