Dietrich School Ambassadors

Meet our Dietrich School Ambassadors! Ambassadors are current Dietrich School students and are enthusiastic to share their Dietrich School stories.

We encourage you to e-mail any of the ambassadors with your questions. You can also request to talk to an ambassador one-on-one via Zoom! Just send them an email to schedule.

Mia Achitoov (Class of 2022)

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Chemistry, Spanish 
Experiences: Academic Foundations, Academic Communities, Clubs, Greek Life, Volunteering, Teaching Assistant, Research

Righteous Caldwell (Class of 2023)

Major: Legal Studies 
Minor: Sociology, Economics  Experiences: Greek Life, Clubs, Volunteering

Cynthia Cheng (Class of 2024)

Major:Psychology, Sociology  Experiences: Clubs, Greek Life, Teaching Assistant, Internship, Volunteering

Ashley Jackson (Class of 2022)

Major: Psychology, Ecology, and Evolution 
Minor: Irish
Experiences: Academic Foundations, Clubs, Research, Volunteering, Resident Assitant, Teaching Assistant

Julia Kreutzer (Class of 2022)

Majors: political science and communications
Minor: theatre arts
Experiences: Clubs, Internships, Research, Volunteering, Academic Foundations, Academic Communities

Ryan Steinly (Class of 2022)

Majors: Spanish, Classics (BPhil)
Minor: German
Experiences: Clubs, Research, Internships, Career Mentorship, Volunteering