Research for Every Student

First Experiences in Research

Rhonna: Studio Arts 


Salina: Changing Identities of Recaptured Africans from the Congo Region


Forbes & Fifth Undergraduate Research Journal

Katherine: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 


Mason: The Sky's the Limit


Prerna: Diverse Interests 


Rachel: Independent Research


London Field Studies

Cassidy: Gender Stereotypes in Sitcoms


Chidi: Multiculturalism Policies in London


Emily: Zines 


Joe: Theatrical Lighting Design


Kara: Harry Potter and the School Story Genre of Literature


Killian: Gentrification 


Shayla: Sexual Orientation and Emotional Health on College Campuses (pre-med)


New York City Field Studies

David: Comparative Study of Harlem and East Liberty


Heather: Berenice Abbott's COntributions to the Field of Photography


Reena: Indo-Caribbean Population in Queens


Summer Undergraduate Research Awards

Jerome: Fluorescent Proteins