Maybe you’ll come in knowing what interests you, or what you’re good at, or what inspires you. Then your advisor will help you see how those things fit together.


A Time for Yes, and...

The Dietrich School has more than 50 majors to choose from.  Why limit yourself to only one option when we make it easy to add a second major, a minor, or a certificate?  Think beyond “either/or” and make the most of your four years with us. You can combine fields of study that will make you more marketable, or explore an area of interest that sparks your passion.  We’ll help you to create a degree program that prepares you for the career you envision and the future you imagine.

Certifiably Versatile

Our 13 undergraduate certificate programs allow Dietrich School students to add extra value to their bachelor’s degrees without adding extra years to their time-to-degree.  An additional 18-24 credits are all it takes to pick up an eye-catching credential in a wide variety of concentrations, including American Sign Language, Geographic Information Systems, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Nanoscience and Engineering.  In 2014, 418 undergraduate certificates were awarded to students interested in expanding their options and opportunities.

A Buffet for Your Brain

Over the past dozen years, we’ve seen a steady improvement in the standardized test scores, GPAs, and class ranks of our incoming freshmen. Given that, it’s no surprise that during that same time period, we’ve also seen a steady increase in the number of Dietrich School students who are double and triple majoring. Currently, 464 of our undergrads are pursuing two or three majors. Meet a few of them and find out what they’ve gained.

Hey Kids, Let’s Put on a Show!

Or a concert, or an exhibit, or one-act play… Our arts departments—Theatre Arts, Studio Arts, and Music—encourage all students to audition, perform, and get involved with the many creative productions happening across campus throughout the year. You don’t have to major in music to join one of our many ensembles, and you don’t need to be a studio arts major to have a piece in the annual student showcase.

“This past year in our shows, we had students from 22 majors, either backstage or on stage. Because we are in this liberal arts environment, we always have students from many majors. One of our top actors last year—Tim Kaniecki (A&S ’15) a chemistry and theatre arts double major—was admitted to medical school in St. Louis.”

Annmarie Duggan, MFA
Chair, Department of Theatre Arts