If you’re excited about something, you like to share your excitement. When you can apply what you know to help someone else succeed, it’s the best feeling.


Go to the Head of the Class

You come to college to learn, but you’ve got a lot to share, too. Maybe you’re a genius at math, an excellent public speaker, or really well organized. At the Dietrich School, you can put your knowledge and listening skills to work as a tutor, mentor, advisor, or teaching assistant. Why wait until grad school when you can pick up valuable experience—and academic credit—as early as your sophomore year?

Help Others, Help Yourself

  • Build leadership and motivational skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn new perspectives
  • Gain confidence
  • Master a subject
  • Make friends

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By the Numbers

Dietrich School students who served as tutors, advisors, mentors, and teaching assistants in the 2014-15 academic year:

  • 86 Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
  • 50 Peer Tutors
  • 34 Peer Mentors
  • 14 Peer Advisors

What if I Need a Tutor?

We’ve got you covered. Students can request two hours of free tutoring every week in a wide variety of subjects, including biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, and statistics. Whether you want to bump that B up to an A, review for exams, talk about homework assignments, or get additional clarification on class notes and lab assignments, our tutors can help. In the most recent academic year, peer tutors provided 3,841 hours of tutoring to 1,128 students.

You also can visit our Writing Center and Math Assistance Center for expert advice in these areas.